Dissertation Writing Tips For Students

Dissertation is not at all an easy task. It is very challenging task for all students. This creates nervousness in every student when they think of this arduous task. To overcome this feeling one must take this challenging task in a confident way rather

5 Tips For Writing Great Essay – For Students

Writing an essay can be an easy task if you do it in a professional way. For professional essay writing you must follow a procedure and method of writing. You must act in a planned manner before you start writing an essay. There is

Fix For Moving ViewState Hidden Field In ASP.NET

An embarrassingly long time ago a nice reader called Corné commented that my solution did not work with AJAX. I believe this was due to the AJAX Javascript getting getting out of sequence on the page. Anyway, today I started building a page for

Creating String Valued C# ENUMS | ASP.NET

Background I’ve recently been writing an email subscription application for one of our e-commerce sites and re-used a pattern that I developed a couple of years ago. I thought it might be worth sharing to see if anyone else is doing anything similar… The

Moving The ViewState Hidden Field In ASP.NET

The Problem: I wanted to produce XHTML Strict compliant ASP.NET output that was “search engine friendly”. My goal was to produce ASP.NET output that was as close to our legacy XHTML as possible. We are moving lots of static (aside from the odd Server