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CCNA is Cisco certified networking Associate. This is a first step of networking. If you are thinking to become a CCNA then prepare your mind for the network world. Where you can popular yourself as a Network Administrator of a branded company. Yes it can be.


You should practice some CCNA questions or CCNA dumps to understand the nature of questions they ask. Also, try to grab some previous year CCNA questions and practice them.

For the CCNA you should require the complete knowledge of the OSI layers that define the communication between two computer in the network,IP addressing and subnetting ,static and dynamic routing ,different dynamic routing protocol like RIP,IGRP,EIGRP,OSPF etc,LAN and WAN configuration on the router and switches. Don’t worry you will be familiar about these words when you enter in the Cisco world. First you need to become a CCNA certified. For this you have to prepare yourself for CCNA exam. The CCNA exam code is 640-802.and believe me some knowledge and common sense require winning the every exam of your life. Yes now Gear up for the king of network. After passing the CCNA exam you will be able to get select inn the company as Network Associate and after some exp in the company you can be the Network Administrator and if you have also CCNP certification it will be the extra benefit to reach your carrier at high level.CCNP is a Cisco Certified Network Professional it include deeply knowledge about the Cisco like installation and trouble shoot of the complicated LAN and WAN. It also improves the network security and provides the global intranet. Well this is the next step of the Cisco world.

Now I would like you to tell what you need to become a CCNA-

1. IP addressing and subnetteing
2. OSI layers
3. Knowledge of LAN and WAN
4. Dynamic and static routing
5. Different protocols work on the different layers
6. Routing and switching
7. Access control list
8. NAT (Network address translation)
9. ISDN, PPP, HDLC, DHCP, DNS protocols.

These are the things which you have to prepare for the exam of CCNA and it is very easy believe me once you get these things then you mind will catch everything automatically.

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